A mural of a small, black cat painted next to a blue door.
©Wendy Gan 2024

Cats of Kuching

Wendy Gan

The word kuching in Malay means cat, so a city called Kuching must surely have cats. And cats we did indeed find.

Not just statues of cats...

A sculpture of 8 cats. 2 are sitting; 3 kittens are playing in front of the seated cats. 2 more kittens are on the side.
©F.L.Blumberg 2024

And murals of cats...

A mural (covering the side of a house) of a smiling woman holding a cat
©Wendy Gan 2024

But brazen felines who often make a kopitiam, or local café, their turf. These two below call a Malay dessert and snack place home.

This bold hussy was trying to break into a rojak stall.

Here is a tabby coolly wandering into an eatery looking for a bite. Serve me, please!

A grey tabby looks up enquiringly into the camera.
©Wendy Gan 2024

Is this a cat or an abstract piece of art?

Top view of a sitting cat. It is mostly white but has patches of black and orange on its head and an orange tail.
©Wendy Gan 2024

We will need to return to give Kuching kitties further global exposure. The sassy cats of Kuching deserve it!