Patches of yellow, green, orange, and maroon autumn leaves nestled together to form a kaleidoscope of colours.
©Wendy Gan 2024


Wendy Gan

What the camera captures is the stunning expanse of multi-coloured trees that stretches from Tsutenkyo bridge to Gaunkyo bridge across the Sengokukan canyon. It makes you think of long, hard journeys and the sudden, transcendent vistas that are a gift from the gods.

©Wendy Gan 2024

What the camera cannot capture is this: a sense that standing on Tsutenkyo, I am both home and far from home. 

What the camera can capture is the magic of the afternoon light filtering through the filigree of maple leaves.

What the camera cannot capture is how everything seems to fall away from you too quickly as you slip into the wake of the crowds and find yourself unwittingly at the exit. These colours, the light, these feelings—like the autumn leaves, will they be scattered to the wind?